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"Bright and inviting, I make colourful and super detailed digital paintings of your beloved dogs, cats and horses." - Gary


What better way to celebrate your pal or remember a beloved pet than by capturing those special memories with a beautiful pet portrait?  My portraits are affordable and simple to order.


Just send over your favourite photo and I'll create a special portrait for you which will capture your pets personality and help you to recall all the good times.

From only£130

Prices include my drawing of your pet and a Giclee fine art print of the drawing. Starting at only £130 for a 500 x 400mm artwork, with FREE DELIVERY to UK and EU addresses plus a FREE DIGITAL COPY to use on social media as you wish. Orders from the EU will be printed by Printspace in Germany and are not liable for any import duty.


I'm a dedicated pet dad and professional pet portrait artist. My dogs inspire me every day with their joy at just being and it’s a privilege to share in their unconditional love. It's this connection and their unique personalities which I try to catch in my pet portraits. 


My digital paintings have a fresh contemporary edge. Drawn and coloured by hand they are printed as museum quality giclees with deep saturated colours and texture. Pet portraits make a personal statement about you and your pets and are far more affordable than you might think, starting at only £130 for a single portait.

Hi, I'm Gary

We all LOVE our Pets :-)

We adore our pets and giving them pride of place on your wall with a pet portrait is a great way to show how much you love them.


A portrait says so much more about the unique relationship you have with your pet than a phone full of forgotten photos. 

Why not have a photoshoot and see how many amazing pictures you can take?


It only takes one picture to make a perfect portrait, but a phone can take multiple images in seconds and can capture that exact moment when your pet is doing 'that thing' you love the most.


Try taking a short close-up video clip, or a 'burst shot'. Both of these ensure that moment gets caught and I am happy to receive videos and mulitiple images to work from. :-) 

Beautiful art drawn from your photos

Beautiful art from your smartphone photo or video clip.


When you commission a pet portrait I make the whole process as simple as possible.


Working with you, I use your own pet photos or short video clips to create a portrait that is a perfect and lasting memory. Your pal will be with you every day and my pet portraits not only capture a great likeness of your pet, but can say so much more about your pets personality and their relationship with you than a ton of photos stored away on your phone or in the cloud ever could.


Your pet portrait commission will be hand drawn and hand painted digitally from your photos or in Neville's case a short video. Your order can be tweaked until you are completely happy and then it's professionally printed as a beautiful fine art quality archival giclee on Canson aquarelle paper, ready to frame.  The whole process takes about 2 to 3 weeks.


My pet portraits have the look and feel of a watercolour painting or a pen and ink drawing and fit perfectly into both traditional and modern interiors. I produce pet portraits in a number of standard sizes, but as all my work is bespoke, your pet art can be any size you wish. Many people like to order custom sizes to fit within existing frames or antique frames, which sometimes sit better in a traditional home.

Dog Portraits


Your best friend.


I've been around dogs my entire life and have been a dedicated dog owner since the day I left home in my early twenties. Dogs are not only great companions, but we know how much unconditional love they give. We love our best friends back and in some ways it's the perfect relationship. I couldn’t imagine not having my dogs by my side. 


Over the last decade I have drawn and painted many of our pals with their unique personalities and funny habits. When you order one of my dog portraits it's important to me that I not only capture a good likeness but capture something about them, something that makes you smile every time you see it. A portrait of your dog can be a wonderful comfort and is a great keepsake for yourself or as a gift to a loved one.

Cat Portraits


The best companion.

Having been terrorised by my sister's cat Tiger for most of my teenage years, in my 50s I finally adopted a ginger cat who we named Pantalaimon, after the character from the Phillip Pullman novels. Pan has settled very much on his terms and I learned to love him for his affectionate and independent spirit.  


LIke Pan, each cat is unique and has a personality of their own. Capturing that essence is what makes a portrait work and with a cat it's in their eyes and how they address you with their body language. 


When you place an order for a cat portrait it's important for me as the artist to know something about your cats personality, and of course to have a really clear picture of their eyes. A pet portrait of your cat can be a wonderful comfort and is a great keepsake for yourself or as a gift to a loved one.

Horse Portraits


Your soul mate.


My partner has been around horses all his life and knows them as well as I know my dogs. Together we purchased my first horse, a stunning brown and white boy called Oakley. 


Spending time getting to know Oakley was one of the most pleasurable periods of my adult life. The term 'gentle giant' could have been coined for him and while he was bought for competition at a fairly advanced level, as a novice rider he looked after me every step of the way.


Oakley went on to develop a long standing problem which despite a year of intensive treatment we could not completely resolve. You'll be pleased to know this has a happy ending as we found Oakley a fabulous home with his vet who had fallen in love with him. This was the best of all outcomes as he would just be ridden occasionally and have the easy life I feel sure he'd have chosen for himself!


Horses are spiritual animals. Like dogs, we have a connection with horses that goes back into the annals of time and although not considered to be pets, they share all the status of a family member or friend that we associate with dogs and cats. In my house the portrait of Oakley looks down reassuringly and reminds me how grateful I was to him for being part of my life.


When you order a horse portrait please try to take photos with head collars removed so I'm able to see their whole head. I tend to paint head studies but I can paint full body portraits if you'd prefer.



I believe that art should be affordable and so with this in mind I keep my prices low so that your pet portrait will not only be a beautiful piece of art, but will also be great value for money. You will also receive a FREE DIGITAL COPY of your artwork to use on social media as you wish. All of my artwork is professionally printed by the awesome Printspace in London. Each pet portrait is printed as a fine art quality giclee on super thick Canson Aquarelle paper. These giclees are archival and guaranteed not to fade over time. 


Delivery to the UK is free. For international shipping please contact me for a quote. The prices quoted are for single and double subject portraits with a background of your choice. For overseas customers it is often cheaper to print the artwork locally and so I can provide print ready artwork at a 20% discount. Frames for these standard sizes can be found cheaply in shops or online, keeping down the overall cost of your artwork. 

Prices and ordering

COMMISSIONS - Please select your preferred artwork option and click 'BUY NOW' to order and pay securely by PayPal. I will contact you and we can have a chat about your commission and select some photos. Please feel free to email or WhatsApp to send your ideas and images once you have placed an order. Delivery time is about 3 weeks depending on the complexity of your order.

GIFT CARDS - Please purchase using the links below and then contact me to arrange details. I can personalise gift cards and send them either to you or directly to your lucky friend.


For custom sizes, international delivery, artwork only, other payment methods or just to have a chat before you place your order please get in touch by email or WhatsApp. 


 400mm x 500mm

Giclee print, single subject

Free UK delivery


 A2 420mm x 594mm

Giclee print, single subject

Free UK delivery


500mm x 500mm

Giclee print, single subject

Free UK delivery


500mm x 700mm

Giclee print, single subject

Free UK delivery


500mm x 700mm

Giclee print, double subject

Free UK delivery


A1 594mm x 1000mm

Giclee print, single subject

Free UK delivery


A1 594mm x 1000mm

Giclee print, double subject

Free UK delivery

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pet portrait of monty the cocksre spaniel

Monty and Benji


“So thrilled with my fabulous pet portraits penned so accurately,  capturing the real characters the the canine subjects.


Completed quickly and efficiently and made two very special friends of mine extremely happy.

Lasting gifts to be enjoyed every day, for always. And great value for money.”

- Penny Cowley, Cheshire

pet portrait of Dora the Shih Tzu x



“I was blown away when I received my portrait of Dora that Gary drew for me.


It's just a stunning picture and looks just like Dora.


I can't wait to get it hung up on my wall!”

- Amy Wood, Mersyside

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oakley in his field horse portrait

Our boy oakley in a 2nd version with a field as a background